USLMP Class Rules and Specifications

Min ride height 3mm

Max width 205mm

Min wheelbase 255mm

Max wheelbase 275mm

Min weight 1200g

Motor limit indoor tracks 21.5, outdoor tracks 17.5

Esc ROAR approved blinky only

Battery 2S regular or shorty

Single nut wheel attachment

Rubber tires

Max wheel width front TBA

Max wheel width rear TBA

Min wheel width front TBA

Min wheel width rear TBA

Max wheel diameter 50mm

Max tire diameter TBA

Min tire diameter TBA

Only LMP, Group C, GTP, GT1, Can Am, Sports Prototype bodies are allowed

- If body comes with molded in kick up at rear, must be cut out to resemble separate wing as on full scale car

- If body come with separate wing, must be mounted in same location as full scale car

- No oval or TC style wings allowed

- Scale liveries encouraged and recommended, we will make fun of you if you paint a tribal flamejob-no exceptions

Qualifying format to be USSRCRA style, 3 min single qualifier using 5 fastest avg laps to seed your position for mains.

3 x 10 min mains for points to determine overall winner

- Option to use standard IFMAR qualifying and single main event (club choice)

Commercially available LMP chassis (SpeedPassion LM-1) or converted 1/10 pan chassis (WGT, Pro-10) pan chassis fitting the dimensions are allowed.

Body recommendations-

SpeedPassion LMA
Royce RM-1
Toyota GT-1 TS020
Rivall LMP1
Porsche 962
Nissan R91CP
Toyota Group C 88CV
Mercedes Group C CLR
Porsche 962C
Toyota GT1 TS020

Porsche 911 GT1